Old Bistrot Spirit (OBS) Is a unique website in the world where you can discover for sale very old french spirit bottles.

All of them were created in the first part of the 20th century and represent a genuine part of the French heritage.
They were famous in the time of our grand-father who could find them in every bistro and brasserie. Some of the bottles were produced by little local distilleries and were locally distributed.

Today, the full and unopened bottles that have survived have become very rare and some of them are unique in the world.
Unfortunately for the wine lovers, over the years, this meticulous and artisanal way to craft those spirits has been lost.

For 25 years, I have been patiently searching and collecting them and therefore I have become one of the very rare experts in this particular field.
The metal of a capsule, the thickness of the glass, the shape of the neck or the graphic design of the label allow us to date the bottles with a very good accuracy.

Indeed, contrary to classic wine bottles, none of them are vintaged.
Many of the spirits that you can find for sale on this website are still drinkable, especially when no liquor evaporation occurred and even more, some of them taste marvelously good.
But please remember that it is still a matter of chance, the taste can never be guaranteed.

France in the early 20th century, gathered thousands of distilleries which gave birth to thousands of commercial trademarks. Today, almost every distillery has disappeared.

For example, after world war II, in the Provence area, in the south part of France where the famous French Riviera is located, gathered on its own, almost 300 « Anisette » trademarks.

All the bottles on this website are certified genuinely labelled, corked and encapsulated.

The labels can show some imperfections or some marks due to their old age and they are all written in French.

The bottles are never sealed with metallic screw capsules which is a technique that was used later on, in the sixties.

The bottles are in their original state and they generally have a capacity of 1L, sometimes 75 or 70 cl. Some of them are also half bottles with a capacity of 50cl.

The French wines, either poor or good ones, are for sales on hundreds of websites on the internet. But this is the only website offering those very rare French alcohol, products as part of a collection and patrimonial investments.

Bruno de Serbriant