Circa 1935 estimated
1 Liter

Hyppolite Bonnal was born in 1826.
He enters the monastery St Bruno of the Large Charterhouse under the name of Raphaël Brother.

He studied medicine in Lyon and Paris to become doctor of the monastery.
Then, he turns over to the laic life and became interested by distillation, a few kilometers away from the monastery.

He settled down at Saint-Laurent-le-Pont, a small town near Lyon and Grenoble, opened a doctor’s office and then a chemistry shop.

He studied the plants coming from the Alps and prepared concocted. The liquor is far too similar to the Charterhouse manufactured by the monks.

The recipe contains approximately 130 ingredients, and is kept secret by the monastery.

In 1889 a great factory is built. It produced the aperitif “Gentiane Quina Bonal” .

He created other aperitifs with the assistance of his wife: Wormwood of the Alps, Elixir and Arquebuse Saint-Bruno, but Bonal remains the most asked alcohol.
After the death of the founder in 1909, the family continued the adventure.

The inter-war period is the apogee of Bonal.

In 1930 the production is of 7000 liters per day, more than one million stored liters. The building Bonal is the headlight of Saint Laurent, indissociable of the economic life.

In 1945 Bonal employed 150 people and 75 vehicles furrow the roads. With the Fifties the consumers tastes change.

The sales crumble and the company Bonal closes down in 1976.

The trade secrets were given to the Dolin Distillery in Chambéry, which started back the production in 1981, but the sales are still modest.