Circa 1955 estimated
1 Liter

Cusenier is a well-known French company of spirits which was founded by Eugène Cusenier and established in the Doubs department (east of France).

– 1832 Birth of Eugène Cusenier
– 1851 Birth of his brother Elysée, successor of Eugène
– 1868 First distillery in Ornans (Doubs)
– 1871 Boulevard Voltaire – Paris – subsidiary
– 1874 Company of the Great Distillery, specialized in the manufacturing of the kirsch and the absinthe
– 1937 Moving of the company in Dijon. Company is world famous and is implanted in Brussels, London, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Mexico, Shanghai and Calcutta.

In the 18th century, on board of many Royal Navy ships, water requirements where important and clear water barrels were shipped.

Unfortunately, seaweeds seemed fast, returning the non-drinking water. They then added beer, wine and alcohol, but after the conquest of Jamaica, beer and alcohol where gradually replaced by an half-pint of rum. The sailors enjoyed…

Admiral Edward Vernon who was called ”old grog” because of his way to get dressed (he always wore clothes in Grogram tissue, silk and wool blend), ordered this rum in 1740.

It is diluted with 4 times its measure in water and served in two steps on a day. Lemon was added to improve the taste of the drink and fight against curvy.

This measure was the standard until 1970.